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Why Succulents Are Making Their Way Into Every Home

If we were to compile a list of top 5 plants that happen to be the most favorite of indoor plant keepers, then succulents will definitely make it to the list. So what is it that makes succulents an absolute pick for everyone with green fingers? Succulents are, by definition, those plants that have thick stems, and they tend to store water in them. They belong to the category called Xerophytes (literally Dry Plants, because of their ability to thrive in dry environments) and are able to store water in their fleshy stems, thus sparing them the need for full-time care. Therefore, succulents are one of the most low-maintenance plants out there. In natural ecosystems, they are found in deserts...

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Terrariums For Succulents And Cacti

Have you always wondered why Terrariums are so popular right now? Where did the idea for creating a garden in a jar came from? Or maybe you've just wanted to understand how to build your very own terrarium and how to care for the captivating plants inside your work of art. This article may just hold the answer to the knowledge you seek.  

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